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The best i have tried is still the acupressure technique. Put your thumb on the inside of your wrist, about 2 inches from where it meets your palm. Rub about 50 times in a small circular motion. I even gave this tip to a pregnant lady on an airplane ride. It works...helps heartburn too>

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its brittanyy b*tch =)

omg this actually worked for me... seriously though u just saved me from having to throw up my tylenol pm... that would've been VERY VERY unpleasing. yeah ur my saint right now. thanks much ;););)


Omg THANKYOU soooooo much, i was nearly ill, tried it and it helped soooo sooooo much, THANKYOU ill will remember it for the rest of my life😀


I cant believe the thumb rubbing really works i have been miserable for 3 days thank you soooooo much


They now sell the Psi bands. They come two to a pack.You put one on each wrist and it has gotten very good reviews. It is a product from the Tv show Shark Tank.


Wow I can't believe it worked:) thanks


The nausea's not completely gone but I feel a lot better now... I've been feeling queasy the whole day 2day, thank u soooo much. People who say its all in the mind are crazy... It doesn't even matter at least it does work


I am glad people that this has worked for you...but I have chronic nausea for 2 has destroyed me. It needs much more then this for me to get relief..I will take a look at those PSI bands


Didn't fucking work


This really worked for me!
I have had been having nausea every day for the past half a year and have been taking pills and gaviscon but it didn't help. I wished I knew about this earlier. Thank you for sharing.

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