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The best i have tried is still the acupressure technique. Put your thumb on the inside of your wrist, about 2 inches from where it meets your palm. Rub about 50 times in a small circular motion. I even gave this tip to a pregnant lady on an airplane ride. It works...helps heartburn too>

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can someone tell me how hard you need to press down?


Great remedy! Worked for me! Enough for me to be able to sleep! I'm in Brisbane Australia, and it does work! Don't have to press too hard, but hard enough!


God bless you and your family!!!!!!!!!!!! nearly fainted when out 2day, something weird came over me, tried this technique and it worked a treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pregnant lady here...can't believe that worked. Way better than chewing ginger. Thank you!!!




I can't believe this worked.
I used to never believe that acupuncture/pressure points worked but after this technique... Well, it made a believer out of me.


This technique absolutely works. You can buy these things called Sea Bands at most stores with a pharmacy section, it's just a band that goes around your wrist at that pressure point, and has a plastic nub that puts pressure on it. I bought these with my last pregnancy and it worked wonders for my morning sickness!


My husband and I are elderly with many health problems. Medication for these issues cause very bad nausea. Tried your suggestion and couldn't believe how fast it worked. We are both amazed!


Where exactly do I place my thumb? I'm having a hard time finding the place that you were talking about


i have had stomach aches and nausea for 10 days now. thanks for posting, you have spared me a night of pain. Thanks

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