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The best i have tried is still the acupressure technique. Put your thumb on the inside of your wrist, about 2 inches from where it meets your palm. Rub about 50 times in a small circular motion. I even gave this tip to a pregnant lady on an airplane ride. It works...helps heartburn too>

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i think its all in the mind

Candi RN

Actually, acupressure is very real, and isn't in the mind, like someone had said. There are many remedies for many problems that can be soothed by it, for example, for a headache, you massage three space in between your thumb and forefinger and viola!!


I've been suffering with nausea for about a week now and I normally just suffer it out. But WOW!!!, ur method really does help!!!!!!!! Thank you so much:)


I have been nauseated for two days. I tried your remedy and it worked!!! God Bless you!!!!


Omg thank you so much!im also taking antibiotics and I feel so much better!thank you!!!


For those of you who say it's all in the mind, WHO CARES!? Seriously!? When you are nauseated, who cares if it was in your mind or not as long as it works! I was completely skeptical about this when I read it, but since I didn't have any of the ingredients needed for the other remedies posted here, I was desperate enough to try the thumb method. I was in shock when it worked!


I just tried your acupressure technique and was amazed when the nausea went away. I'm taking medication which caused it and want to stay on this medicine since I get it free through my insurance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for good advice.


Wish I'd known about this back in the days when my kids were little! Amazing, honestly. Now I want more acupuncture tips🙌


Dear people reading this comment, this method truly works. I have a migraine and just spent an hour trying not to move. I tried this and it was helpful (and free and easy.)
Thank you to whomever posted it.


This worked great! I was already chewing mint gum and drinking ginger tea, but this REALLY got rid of the nausea! Thank you so much!

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