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The best i have tried is still the acupressure technique. Put your thumb on the inside of your wrist, about 2 inches from where it meets your palm. Rub about 50 times in a small circular motion. I even gave this tip to a pregnant lady on an airplane ride. It works...helps heartburn too>

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Nauseated in Iny

due to a medication, i have been miserable the last couple days with nausea and i read the tip on the thumb rubbing the wrist method and OMG.. it DID work.. unbelievable! Im going to remember this remedy forever!


Worked great...thanks!


Amazing! Worked great! Thanks :)

K., Georgia

I was soooo miserable. I put this technique to the test and no more nausea for me. I'm forever grateful you shared this with all of us!


It hasn't left completely but I feel btr.


Also had surgery 17 days ago and the tiny wrist massage is giving me relief. Thanks so much.


I just tried this method and surprisingly it reallt worked. Ty


wow! am in shock it works!! THANKS!


thank you


thank you so much you saved me hours of pain

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