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I have been dealing with constipation for a ling time ..went to the doc a bunch of times and tried everything..metamucil,vegetables an fruits with fiber, coffe, dieters tea, all kind of laxatives and it gets tireing over time and sometimes this fails until one day i decided to eat raisin bran cereal ..omgg!! The best relief!! Take a bowl of this cereal three times a day.. For breakfast , im the middle of the day amd at night and i assure you ..youll be fine!!! Raisin bran the kellogs brand :)

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Tks!!! I been consipated for a long time. Looking at web site for soulations. Ever sence I been eating healty is been dificult to go see mr potty.. Very painful. But I came across ur post and It actually worked!! Half hour after eating it I actually pooped.. :-) I try it. cause I use to always eat that cereal and went reguarly sence I stoped. is been a problem! Tks! Again...


You said some of the things that failed included fruit w/fiber... Ummm... what do you think raisin bran is?

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