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First outbreak ever. Im 22. Cheated on my bf of 5 years. He doesnt have it. At first it started out as some perineal swelling, thought it was hemmorrhoids. Went to er as it became hard to sit. Was diagnosed with a uti. Stsrted having watery discharge heavily. That night noticed first little bump inside my vagina lip. Went the next day to get tested, she said for sure it was herpes. The swab was the worst pain in my life. In about three days i now have what feels like little cuts in about 10 different places on my vagina and anus. I am on Acyclovir 400mg 3x a day for 10 days, i started those tuesday night.
I just tried some home remedies that were on here. Hopefully it will help dry them up. Some witchazel pads for the burning, and i put some teatree oil on to help the drying, then i used a blowdryer on low setting. Its a cooling effect, still some discomfort but seems to be a little helpful. I made the biggest mistake of my life doing what i did. I look at life on a whole new way now and i am greatful for so much more.

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We all make mistakes. You should tell your boyfriend you have genital herpes or abstain from sex when you are having an OB.
Take L-Lysine 1000mg 3x a day when you feel an OB coming on or you have an OB.Zine 50mg 3x a day also. You can use a paste of crushed Tylenol PM and campho-phenique it works wonders.


Going through the same situation myself :(
I'm havin to deal with the guilt and being paranoid as far as when I'm getting my first OB. Good luck sweetie and god bless you<3


Same here, we all mistakes and I agree dealing with guilt and herpes is so hard but like the last person said I see life so different. Let's keep our heads up and move on. God bless u and keep posting things that might help us. I'm doing the tree tea oil and hopefully it helps me.


First off, my girlfriend cheated on me and gave it to me that way! What you did was wrong! You should never cheat. He probably has it but doesn't know it yet because it took me a while to find out I had it. When I first found out I had it, it was one of the worst times in my life! I ended giving it to someone else because I didn't know I had it. You have a moral obligation to tell him that you have it. Yes we all do make mistakes but every mistake has a consequence and you're mistake will probably hurt other people. Learn from this mistake and don't cheat! I'm not trying to be mean but you need to hear the truth!

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