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This is a home remedy that helps to reduce cramps and helps with hot flashes. place a pinch of dried ground ginger in a cup of hot boiling water for a tea (NO SUGAR), and let steep for 5 minutes. Drink and enjoy. However do not drink this at night for it will give you energy, and as women we need our beauty sleep!!

Also as a reminder...

1. ginger can be use to relieve upset stomach in tea form or eat a piece of pumkin pie or drink hot apple cider.

2. A little ginger goes a long way. Too much ginger can make your doo doo runny.

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Doo doo? How old are you? Can't you just say diahrea or stool? Sorry I know- nit picky!


yeah i agree!


Who cares, you should comment on her advice not her choice of words.

Sounds like it might work I will try it.

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