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I'm 20, male, and been dealing with GWs for almost 2 years now. Caught it from a nasty ass ex girlfriend. At first it wasn't that bad, and was able to get rid of the few I had by ripping them off and sterilizing with hydrogen poroxide. Worked for awhile, but they warts started coming back. Over a span of a year its gotten worse and better. Long story short, I've got the load of them on my Dick now and god bless my girl for not dumping my stupid ass. I've been reading posts on this site for a week now, and I've seen the load of avc posts. So I bought some of that, needles, sterile pads, also hit up he vitamin shop and bought garlic pills, gse pills, and zinc pills. My plan is to heat up a needle and burn the big ones off, and use the avc on the smaller ones. Nothing new, but the kicker is, my grandma is old school Filipino, and she's got a couple more things to help me out. Bitter melon extract. I've been drinking the juice of the crushed leaves since I was a kid, and it was just proven in the medical field to have potent health qualities to it. 2nd, guava leaf extract. The first time I went to the doctor for the gws, I got a freeze treatment, and a prescription cream called zycerix. Or something like that. It worked for a bit, bit that shit burned my skin and caused open sores to spread. It was the guava leaf extract that help it heal. Swab with a cotton ball 3 times a day for about a week and the open sores were gone. The gws that were there before never came back. Gonna start home treatment tonight and will post results and more info in a couple days. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment. Heerd some shit about people using diluted bleach water. If anyone knows anything about that.

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I going to say one thing to u go to this web site it cost 80 buck when i brought it last year. But same here i had it for two years till 8 month ago and i have not seen one yet and the ones i had were real big im talking real big like the size of a pennie if u get that waterabater thing u will see your wart bust the first time u use it.. it kills it but keep using it on that bump once in the morning when u get right out the shower and once u get out the shower that night..But what i like about this web site is that it has a number u call and talk to the guy diretly and believe me i ask him a 100 question and he answer all of i soooo happy i found this website cause i tried everything like u did but TRUST ME THIS SHIT WORK AND I WILL VIST THIS WEBSITE TO SEE YOUR PROGRESS TRUST ME IT THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS ON THE (INTERNET)


Kris, where did u get the guava leaf extract or did u make your own? And bitter melon too...


Sorry for the late update, checked a few times after I submitted and my post wasn't up so I quit looking. But anyway I'm not sure what the real name for bitter melon is, and as for the guava leaf, I'm from Hawaii, we got those trees in pretty good amounts. Just pick the leaves and grind' um. As for the warts, burning them off helped but don't do it all at once, maybe burn a few every few days. It worked for a bit, but I started smoking again and noticed them coming back. Haven't had a whole lot of success with the avc when I tried it. I've been slipping on taking my vitamins. I guess commitment is the key to killing them

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