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Flu, Fever, Colds or just not feeling so good-
Take Vick's vapor rub or tiger balm, rub it on your back. Then take a quarter or the metal lid from the container and have someone rub your back with it. Rub it up and down (vertically) until your back is very red or black and blue-Im really serious.
I know this sounds wierd. But this is an ancient Chinese remedy. My mom used to do this to me and my sisters ( & had us to do it to her) and we always felt better. Ive introduced it to my husband when he had a flu and he felt better the next day. The Vicks vapor rub just makes you feel better and there is just something that the coin does, too. I know that the coin massages your muscle tissues very well but it does something else mysteriously miraculous.
Just be in America, they will think you are being abused. :)

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Someone did this to me years ago. It got rid of ALL the tension in my back tho my stripes were more in a V. I got called into HR at work to ask if I needed any counseling or police assistance... NO ONE believed me. hahahahhaha.

I've never been able to figure out what this is called or see if there are any people I can go to becuase I don't know what it's called or how to describe it because it sounds so crazy.

Do you have any idea what it's called or if there are people who do it I can find?

Thanks! I don't have an account here, so if you get this please reply to:

Thanks again.


my grandparents did this for me as well. From what my grandfather told me, the vapor rub and the clean coin is just a way to open up the pores. So when your skin does turn red, that's just the pores opening for heat to leave. It really does work!


This sounds like a Chinese treament called 'gua sha'. I don't know much about it, and I know it sounds weird, but apparently it does work.


WOW! lol i was looking on the internet forever for something like this because my mom is know for being a little nuts and anyways she had the flu last night and made me scrape her back with some weird coin on a stick and tiger balm! anyways i did it forever and felt nausaus because her back was bright red and bloody!...i kept asking her if it hurt and she said no, she said that it is the bad blood from ur sickness coming out and the tiger balm going into heal it....sure enough she was fine to go to work the next day...haha she said she use to do this to me as a child and i was thinking omg my poor little back, lol people must have thought i was being abused! Anyways im sick now but theres no way in hell im letting her do that to me! I mean it has to hurt right? especially letting that fricken tiger balm in ur open wounds when ur all feeble and sick!


How long has vick's and tiger balm been around. when you say ancient im think like 809 a.d


This method of healing is very famous here in indonesia. Almost everybody (even little kids) knows this method. It is called 'kerik'.


To the person who asked how long vicks and tiger balm have been around: the active ingredients in both are camphor and menthol. Both are plant extracts, and have been around for thousands of years, so they could in fact be part of an 'ancient remedy' and the old ingredients replaced with the easy to find creams


YES this works wonders!! Great post- its true, in the US people will think someone beat you up haha but it works! My mom does it on my back and chest when I am sick. Also, the back of my neck and shoulders. It feels so good :)


Make sure if you do this when it’s cold outside that it has been washed off first. I know you usually aren’t going out in the cold when your sick , but if your using this for kids especially, make sure if you have to leav and go somewhere you wash the Vick’s off of them before leaving. If not it can cause pneumonia and other respiratory problems.

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