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ok, so i submitted a comment about this website a while back thinking: 'Wow, this is great stuff! I can get rid of my Lice withen a week!'
Turns out I was wrong!
I've had lice for over THREE MONTHS now! I can't wait, though, to try some of theses newer remedies I've found.
What I'm gonna do is:
STEP ONE: Put a bunch of Mayo on my head and leave it in for a couple of hours.
STEP TWO: rinse with DAWN handsoap and Suave coconuat conditionar.
STEP THREE: lather white vinigar, Listorine and Tea-tree oil in my hair; let sit for at least two hours.
STEP FOUR: rinse (again) with the DAWN handsoap and Suave coconuat conditionar.

Remember: I have not tried this yet; do not automatically think it works!
Wish me luck! :)

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The key is to comb, comb, comb. I have recently dealt with this myself and the kids. I have a 10yr old and a 3 yr old girl. I started with the Mayo mixed with a splash of white vineger. Left it on under a shower cap for 2-3 hours. (the longer you can the better the results with suffocating those nasty things) Then I rinsed with Dawn and picked through the girls hair with a nit comb. I gots tons of dead bugs. I repeated this process for the next 2 nights with the combing. I also blow dryed my hair and used a hair straightener. (Definately helped in case there were any left behind seeing as how I couldn't see in my own hair) My 10 year old helped though and I had my mom check but her eye site isn't very good. She tried though which I was grateful for. Then I combed through our hair everyday and every 2-3 days for 2 weeks I did the mayo treatment just in case any of those eggs/nits were left unseen. I also went over kill on the laundry, bedding and vacuuming. I just really wanted them gone. Hope this helps. :)


do not use the tea tree oil! it will burn very bad!


Tea Tree will only 'burn very badly' if you don't mix with a carrier (almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil) or some other ingredients. ALL essential oils can burn you if they aren't mixed but Tea Tree is a wonderful product and should be in everyones medicine cabinet. Not knowing how to use it or how much to use of ANY essential oil can cause anything from mild skin irritations to severe burns.

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