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After taking numerous pain killers, brushing with sensodene, using clove and darn near crying myself to sleep, I fell to my knees and did some good ole fashion praying.....I am now pain free and ready to go to sleep, good night

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Jim Lahey

Good for you, But please try to not be so useless, closest to God is usefulness


Bullshit, there is no god.


wow you folks are so mean! She was only trying to be helpful and she is right prayer changes things! Get it got it good! NOW ENJOY YOUR ROTTIN TOOTH WITH YOUR ROTTIN ATTITUDE!


Prayer works best for everything God is good and He still loves all who hate Him


How wonderful!!! I did the same thing. Praise God I hope your pain is mug more manageable. And as for you people who always have to have an opinion nobody bags on you for your beliefs whatever you say to try and bring us down is not working try somthing new like for example keeping your mouth shut. It's not our fault you have no manners


Thanks for making me laugh when i'm having a super bad toothache! LOLL!




That's a big load of horse shit. I highly doubt god stopped your tooth pain if hes not going to stop all the countless murders, rapes, and all the other senseless violence. Quit wasting everyones time and shoving your god down everyone throats just because you're too afraid to face reality or actually mortality.


Oh shut up with all them negative comments cause no one is forcing god on anyone every one has there own beliefs and if u dont like it u know what to kiss

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