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I had a severe tooth pain for more than a month. As per Google's home remedies first I tried honey, then fresh clove and finally fresh garlic.Garlic worked best for me by holding a piece of garlic in between teeth for 15 minutes.Excellent and unbelievable cure with a single use !!!

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it does work with the garlic,just tried it ,lol


Thanks garlic! Now I can sleep, however my mouth smell garlic. Which I can bare in compare to tooth pain. Thanks again.


I love garlic!!! However, I gotta say, being so up close and personal with a fresh garlic clove....was disgusting. As I sat there with the garlic in my mouth, my mouth felt as if it had acid BURNING THROUGH MY GUMS. After 5 minutes, when I could no longer stand the strong taste and burning, I spat that stuff out. The pain from the damaged tooth I had was almost gone!! My breath is horrible, but I don't care. When I feel I have recovered a little more from the taste, I intend on trying this again to see if the pain will fully leave. Hope this helps someone!!!

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