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Dublin John

I used anti dandruff shampoo, the type with selenium sulphide 2.5% (called Selsun here in UK & Ireland.)
Cover your toenails, pushing it down the sides and under the nail. Put on your socks and leave all day or overnight if you are a bedsock kind of person.
As the fungus lives inside your nail, you have to continue to treat it until the nail grows out.

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seems you UK folks have some stupid ideas that slightly work and are not effective. Keep your weak suggestions over there on your little island!!!


Re. seems you Uk folks etc. what a nasty AND IGNORANT COMMENT,actually if you look at the composition of the Selsun shampoo, it is indicated for Versicolor treatment, which is a virus that lives undetr skin, and it is very effective, i have used it with great success. si please refrain.

Yank Lover

That must be a very sad person who made the first post above. What a shame as until now I had found all Americans to be very nice and polite people. There is always one that has to spoil the mood. A red neck perhaps?


Red Neck perhaps? - Probably not, Red Necks are usually the nicest people around because they don't consider themselves 'above' or 'higher stationed' than others...

Yank Lover

A big sorry to Red Necks. I'm no better and as bigotted as the first poster! Sorry!


What are you bigots doing on this site? I'm trying to clear up a nail fungus! What are you doing?

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