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If you have itchy skin, apply vick's vapor rub (or generic brand) to affected area. The menthol feeling of the vapor rub will relieve the itch

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Thank you every one:) my arms will not stop iching till now.

Ann Dearborn

Thanks a couple days ago I started getting really itchy then was unpleasant and I couldn't sleep with these tiny red bumps( hives) it happen after I was drinking lemon juice in my water I probably added to much I tried allergy pills short term relief but still itchy but I put the vapor rub I got total relief.awesome


I am allergic to a bunch of stuff found in common products and clothing; Disperse Blue Dye 106 can't wear/touch anything but natural fibers.

My mom just told me to try Vicks, here goes nothing.


Well this absolutely help me so much. I was itching so bad i thought it would never stop and i read this and i just applied it. It has already killed most of the itch and is also giving that cold feeling. I hope this stays the same because ive had this itch forlong. Thank you do much this has helped me alot


I had diabetic nails and neadles pain on my under feet and itchy legs and had been scratiching like crazy untill I read and used Vicks I know can sleep in peace thank you


After weeks of skin itch on my body , I am now finding relief after applying

a Dollar store generic version.

I hope to continue until the itch will never come back .

Low cost with a high result.

Good luck to everyone

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