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If you have itchy skin, apply vick's vapor rub (or generic brand) to affected area. The menthol feeling of the vapor rub will relieve the itch

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I was desperate for a solution to the itching and irritation I was getting. I came across this remedy this morning and immediately tried it (I had just bought some Vicks because someone told me if you rub it on your feet, or in this case, my child's feet, and put socks on, they won't cough, and it worked like a charm by the way), so I thought I would give it a try. I had immediate relief from itching and burning. Thank you so much, whoever had this idea. I think I'll actually be able to sleep tonight!!!


I didn't believe it when I saw this post... but was looking for relief from my itchy tops of my feet and toes tonight (it was so awful!!) So ran to my kitchen and got generic CVS medicated chest rub (you dont need to even need to spend the extra dollar on Vicks) instant relief no more itch... hope it gets rid of it for good THANK YOU!!!!!


had hives all over my back arms and legs used vapor rub and it worked immediately recommend to at least try


THANK YOU!!! I have been in agony for the past three days trying to find something that would fully relieve itching from insect bites. I've tried numerous products which gave temporary or no relief (cortisone-10, witch hazel, alcohol, calamine spray, and vinegar to name a few) and the vapor rub is the absolute best. Thanks again.


Everyday after my shower only my arm and thigh itch severely, did anyone know some remedies, I went to see my doctor but nothing


I had an allergy itching attacked and nothing worked (Cortisone, Peroxide, Alcohol, First Aid cream) until I rubbed Vick Vapor rub and baking soda into the affected area. There was a slight sting to it, but it felt much much better.

Laurie S.

I have had a uticaria (hives) and swelling for 9 months so far. It started just with a swelling of my bottom lip this past summer. It then led into hives. I have been going to 4 different doctors and they are saying I am positive for autoimmune disease but when tested for what it is particular it is unknown. I do not fit into just one disease. I have the hives on my face, back and front of legs arms and stomach. They are enough to drive me crazy but about 3 months ago I saw an article online about applying vicks vapor rub when I am going through a reaction. It is remarkable I put on my pjs and within twenty minutes the heat of these hives are gone and I am cool and times needing an extra blanket but the itchiness is totally gone. I do take xyzal that was prescribed but the dermatologist really thinks that I could be allergic to nickel and propyline glycol. I eliminated any contact with these things so I know they are wrong. Allergist thinks that the acne medicine I am taking is the cause of it but the dermatologist is saying that is wrong. I really do not think anyone knows and they say it is idiopathic...unknown cause.


Holy Relief Batman!!!!p I woke up early yesterday morning covered in a rash from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I wasn't sure what it was, but had a sneaky suspision that I was reacting to a very strong anitbiotic that I was taking. I was in agony for almost 24hrs when I found the Vicks Vapor Rub suggestion. I thought, 'what could it hurt'? So I slathered it all over my body in hopes of getting at least a little relief. I was absolutely amazed! This rememdy worked so well, that I got up several times during the night to re-apply. It worked like a charm. I still have the rash, but it is not near as bad today as it was yesterday. Vicks and I have become the best of friends over the past 24hrs! Thank you for the suggestion!!! It really works


What a relief.. I apply vicks on my face coz its itchy and boom its gone.. Thank you for the tip..


Awesome. Hives only recently became a part if my life. Idk why but I do know that the itch is excruciating. I googled for relief and found this page. Immediate relief once I applied vics vapor rub. Thank you all.

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