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If you have itchy skin, apply vick's vapor rub (or generic brand) to affected area. The menthol feeling of the vapor rub will relieve the itch

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This seems to be working. I have been sleepless due to the itching.
The Vciks Vapor Cream (did not have the rub) took the itch right away. Hope it stays away. My itching is from insect bites on my feet. Thanks for the tip.

I'm alergic to vicks no i itch more ahhhhh it hurts the pain oh.


I had an attack of hives - the only thing that gave me any relief was using the Vicks. Thanks for the tip.


absolutely amazing. I couldnt really sleep due to the inching and I was killing time waiting for a pharmacy to open to buy some anti-itch lotion- Thank you so much because i will no longer wait in agony. Great remedy and very cost affective since most people already have it in their homes


OH my, you are a lifesaver. I had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. It made my hands and feet so itchy, I wanted to cry. I read your suggestion, and got immediate relief from the vaporub. Thank You!!


Unbelievable!! I woke up this morning with welts all over my torso (including thighs). I have no known allergies. After showering and applying aloe and an after-bath ginger-spray, everything was okay for awhile. In the afternoon, the itching began on my forearms. Then I read about the Vicks Vapor-Rub . . . what a difference! I applied it only to the exposed arm area on my arms (even though I was feeling itching elsewhere). Before 8:30 pm, I had no itching, and the welts on the rest of my body had disappeared. Now, this may not work for all (because I have no idea what caused the 'hives'), but it worked for me.

Thank you for this homeremedie web site!!!!

dylans mommy

is the vicks safe to use on a toddler? how about on large areas of the body?


you should use peroxide on a cotton ball it work very well


My son has hives all over we are trying tonight We will let you know how it works

Chinee Herder

i'm trying this remedie now. u r the second person to suggest it. the sad part of this is that i dont have a rash, i just have a very bad itch and my skin is red from scratchin it. if it doesnt work, some suggested using vaseline and baby powder w/ cornstarch

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