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Using your back molars chew 2 asprin, one on either side of your mouth and let the asprin slowly dissolve in your throat. Helps receive pain associated with sore throats and swollen glands. Make sure its asprin...

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never use asprin !


That's a pretty horrible idea, aspirin can burn the oral mucosa and the throat. Granted this method has the aspirin dissolved rather quickly, why even risk it.


They have a gum I believe its called aspergum. Its used for sore throat pain and it contains aspirin. Ive bought it at CVS and it helps.


yep its aspergum.stuff works great used since I was a kid. Glad to here its still around


This topic didn't work. I tried it and let the aspirin dissovle in my mouth and it didn't help. Who ever post this topic was wrong about it. Please remove this topic. Thank you! Sorry for being rude whoever posted this topic.


Just out of curosity what happens if you only have 1 molar and not 2? I tried and it didn't work. I advise the other people for sore throats to look at the comments before trying because you'll just waist aspirin if you don't. Aspirin does not work.


This worked for me! !


This worked for me too!!! It at least allowed the swelling to go down. I'll probably do it again in a few hours.

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