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leanne b

ok so honestly this works because I've scanned all over the Internet to find find some pain relief for canker sores or mouth ulcers ,

this only works for 30mins to an hour so your going to have to bring the bottle with you , and plus Im broke so trust me this is such an easy remedy

just buy for like $5 at cvs , Walgreens or any store like that and. buy sore throat spray , mine is cheery but any flavor will do, mines legit called sore throat spray phenol/ oral anesthetic cherry flavor , and spray it right on the sore , like 3 sprays or so swish around and spit out ,

it's cheap easy and although I have no clue if it heals them but it nums them completely it's like there not there , plus it nums sore throats

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I just tried this! After 3 days of Pain this made me feel sooooo much better!!!!

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