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My 9 year old had a tooth ache tonight and I came across this site looking for a quick fix, since it was at night. Tried the tea bag, Oragel, and mouth wash with little success. Gave him 2 children's Advil and some cold medicine before I left for the grocery store to look for cloves and Sensodyne tooth paste. By the time I got back (30 min.) he was 75% better. The Sensodyne worked well enough he went to bed happy. I think a slight cold has aggravated a cavity. Went to the dentist 6 weeks ago and they said since it was a baby tooth, they wouldn't do much unless it was bothering him. If it flares up again, we;ll be headed back, I guess. I'd try a good decongestant if other things aren't working for you. Good luck!

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