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daddy's princess

I am giving this advice as my mother has been a dentist/ dental lab technition for 24 years. I have used professional whitening trays (made especially for my teeth) with 30% volume bleach. I loved how this made my teeth look but over using it cause severe tooth sensitivity and nerve damage. My teeth were so white they looked see through. This cosmetic procedure can be very costly and harming if you do not know what you are doing. Also, I do not recommend using 'home bleaching' products such as pre whitening rinse, whitening toothpaste and gels and strips. Although these are okay, they are not meant to be used together nor are they meant to be used everyday. You will notice extreme sensitivity and not get the results you want. Remember if you have vaniers of any kind, they will not bleach or become whiter, all it will do is make the stains disappear, it will not actually whiten the tooth below the surface. Also, hydrogen poroxide is not safe at all. It can cause major damage to your mouth and gums and can be fatal if swallowed.
Here is what I do :

Step One:
Floss- you need to removed all plaque and build-up from around the tooth and gum

Step Two: Brush your teeth daily as you would normally do. I brush after every meal.

Step Three: Rinse your mouth with luke warm water. cold water or hot water can be harming to your nerves and your gums and will be shocking.

Step 4: Make a paste with water, toothpaste and baking soda. And brush your teeth again gently. Brushing harder will not make your teeth whiter, it will and can eat the enamel off your teeth.

Step Five: Rinse your mouth again with luke warm water.

Step Six: Rinse with a antiseptic mouth wash. I do recommend Listerine every day but not when you do this at home remedy. I would uses a non alcohol based mouth washed on the days you uses this remedy.

REMEMBER: this is not a permanent solution, this is only temporary. Do not do this daily. If you have really bad, and I mean really bad stains or yellow teeth i recommend twice a week for 2 weeks and then once a week there after to remove weekly surface stains.

Please remember that we are not striving for just white teeth we are striving for healthy white teeth.

NOTE: These things contribute to yellow, and stained teeth regularly: SMOKING, COFFEE, TEA, DARK SODAS, AND ALACHOLIC BEVERAGES. ALL THESE ARE NO NO'S FOR YOUR TEETH.

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i can't wait to try this... but before i do, for clarification's sake, are these steps you have to do in one shot?


Flouride is poison yes! One thing to avoid is drinking a lot of tap water since tap water also has fluoride in! One way to avoid this is getting a filteration system for your tap but will cost alot of money. The other option is to drink Evian water which is the only bottled water which clearly states on the website 'Does not contain Sodium Fluoride'.


how do you make the paste, like how much baking soda, wwater and the other thing do u need, direct measurements please :)


I am almost 14, is it safe for me to use this? my teeth are a bit yellow but i would like them to be whiter :)


yes, it is okay to use this as long as you have adult teeth. and also i do agree with you about fluoride. yes, too much of it is harmful, and yes water has it in it. keep in mind that bottled water is very very bad for your teeth as well. and about the paste, you need to make is around the consistency of toothpaste, but here lately, i have found it helpful to just sprinkle a little bit of baking soda om my tooth brush then wet it and do it again when needed during that step. also yes, i would do all of the steps at fist to get you going :) happy smiling. feel free to ask any more questions. p.s. sorry it took so long to get back with u all :)


actually tap water is very good for your teeth. it does not have enough fluoride to harm you at all. actually most dentist would recommenced you drink tap water than bottled water. you have to have fluoride to protect ur teeth.

Disappointed in Denver

it didn't work:/ really disappointed


When making the paste I was wondering how much baking soda should I use and what kind of toothpaste you recommend? Thanks


I'm using 3D white teeth is that bad or good for my teeth?


i have no idea about the 3d teeth white. i will have to do some research on it. I do know that if you use too much of any teeth whitening product you can cause harm to your teeth

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