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If you get hives, rub some non-scented (store-bought) baby oil. Your hives will go away right before your eyes.
I get bad hives and the doctors medicines never worked...only after a couple of hours. I went to see an OLD herbalist and she just rubbed simple baby oil on me and it disappeared right away.

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Why non-scented? does it matter?

terrible chronic hive girl

i believe in part the oil shuts and closes the pores suffocating the reaction and it forces the reacction/poison/infection to seep out...vaseline creates a like barrier too albeit a messy goopy one.


Wow, it seems to be working!! I've had hives for almost three weeks now and Claritin nor Benadryl are working for me...the swelling has gone down and the itching is gone ...for now...I'm really hoping this is IT and it works for me!


From reading this, it sounds like some folks have irritated nerve endings in addition to the redness / initial itching. Itching sometimes is a pain response, similar to when you get a light sun burn, and air moving across it hurts... Anything that 'coats' the skin will reduce the sensation because the nerve endings are not as exposed. Hence people have found relief from all kinds of oily / creamy combinations...

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