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If you get hives, rub some non-scented (store-bought) baby oil. Your hives will go away right before your eyes.
I get bad hives and the doctors medicines never worked...only after a couple of hours. I went to see an OLD herbalist and she just rubbed simple baby oil on me and it disappeared right away.

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regarding the hives theory, the baby oil did not take it away visibly.. but the stinging stopped.. .for how long it will keep it up , I don't know.. but from the very second I put it on.. it worked! thanks for your input.


this didnt take away hives it made them feel hot. cold shower worked best for me.


I had a severe case of hives. The baby oil was the best thing I tried. They did not disappear, however the redness, itching and pain did stop almost immediately. Thank you - I would have never thought of baby oil


This worked for my daughter.It made them dissapear. Thanks.


This worked for my daughter.It made them disappear. Thanks.


thank you sooooo much this really works i have had hives for 3 weeks straight been on IV for 4 days tried 8 different prescriptions nothing stopped the itching i tried the baby oil last night and they are gone no itching all day today thank you from the bottom of my heart


It's so simple so I would think it won't work but boy was I wrong. It made my body look clear as a wistle.


Thank you so much! I had resorted to almost everything from prescriptions to urinated diapers. Nothing worked until I found this. It worked great! Thanks


I have had the worst case of hives from eating shitake mushrooms. I took antihistamines and then cortisone with them the next day with little relief and was ready to commit suicide because the itching was so bad. Thankyou for your lifesaving tip about baby-oil. It has helped alot with the itching and as I only applied it 5 mins ago, I will give you another update. Even if it allows me to get some sleep after 36 hours I will be very happy. Cheers!


I also heard that light mineral oil worked wonders

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