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Honestly right now at this moment hard alcohol and liqour seriously and no joke and b.s intended or distespect

the e and j and coke I'm sipping on has worked better than the tube lf maximum strength oragel and most of what is suggested on this page in tbe past I have tried

I have had severe tooth ache painin the past from abesses cavities and etc

and am suffering now i have had this one almost nonstop to the point I can't sleep and walk the floor I've tried brushing rinseing. Tubes of maximum strength orgel

praying crying begging paceing the floor in painand

If you don't mind being doped up I s

vikodin .since I hate taking pills and don't have acess to.them anyway that and none of these remides seem to be working

Not even ....rinseing my mouth in hot water salt and proxide because it kills the infection thus reducing the pressure swelling and ending the pain

Doinv that and then brushing lightly with an sterlized and clean toothbrush with toothpaste with baking soda and proxide then following by rinsing with luke warm water usually helps ..

And in the end whst lol un deniably works is prescribed meds and antabotics

obviously the best temidey for toothachesand sufferz because it attacks and kills the bacteria and infection...but you usually have to see an dentist or take an quick trip to an emergency room and pharmacy to get those.

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I thought that alcohol caused bacteria to grow?

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