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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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Wow. Yes it does work. My singing is better. I'll be ready for my audition. Hoooo hooooooo


Holy shit!! I took benadryl, flonase, and allegra and they did nothing. I did 17 jumping jacks and I can breath out of both nostrils!! I cant believe this! Thank u!


It works! My five year old says 'thank you'!


Wow that's Amazing!!!! It Worked! I've been really sick with severe nasal congestion, as if a golf ball was between my eyes!! A little skeptical at first, i tried it and it WORKED. did about sixty;congestion eliminated,!!THANKYOU !!


just had my daughter do the jumping jacks and it WORKED!!!


OMG!! I have been stuffed up forever!! I did ten and it started to go away at like 5. Doesnt last long though. Its already come back. Im sick so i dont want to be doing jumping jacks every ten seconds to clear up my nose!! Im both :) and :(.


Oh my god! It works..I've been losing my mind trying to get rid of this horrible nasal congestion and decided this method...I'm SO glad I did, it works!! A MILLION THANKS!!!


This worked! I did the jumping jacks--about 20 I think--and made some hot lemon and honey tea and then sat up in bed. Slowly head is clearing. Breathing clearly out of right side. Still cement on the left side, but at least I can breath!!!


After Four days of congestation mixed with allergy symptons, came across this remedy & it really works!!! Tried everything from VICKS to Hot Showers, nothing compared to this! Best Results for me was when I did 30+ jumping jacks. Thanks to whoever suggested this!!!


Jumping Jacks really work :) i can finally breath..... thank you.

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