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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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My 8 year old has been congested on & off for the past few days. I saw this post & had him do some jumping jacks. To my surprise & his too, it worked. Brilliant idea, thank you.

Short Tee

This is ridiculous... it worked! I immediately started smelling the food cooking in the kitchen, I haven't smelled anything in the last 24 hours! Thank u!

simply beautiful

Omgeeeee thank you so much when I saw this I was like yeah ookkaayyyy but I decided to try it anyways I did 40 and man I felt a diff. As soon as a started and I'm stil feeling good again thank you god bless your soul it couldn't get anymore natural than this


I was laying in bed miserable as hell when I read this post. I was skeptical but after 2 weeks being congested I decided to try it. It didn't clear me completely, but it was definitely more effective than all the medicine I've been taking. And cheaper!!! The only thing I would recommend is to remember to put on a bra first! ;-)


I, like many others that have commented here, thought this sounded ridiculous but was desperate enough to try anything. Much to my surprise, it worked! I could cry tears of joy right now! The relief is definitely only temporary, but I could smell my tea for the first time in days. Will be doing them every 30 minutes until I'm better if I must. Just wish I didn't have to feel all the pounding pressure in my head as the congestion settles again!


Ok I thought this was a bunch of BS, jumping jacks are you serious, well look at me now I can breathe. OMG wouldn't never of thought it would work, excuse me now I am going to go get some sleep

Jyssica T.

at work..couldnt breath..could barely up and did 30 jumping jacks and it worked!!! thanks soooo much!!!


when i read it i was like wtf but i was at the point i needed to try anything i felt miserable and it WORKED thank u so so much for this tip!!!!


This works. It doesn't work for a very long time, but as far as clearing congestion, it works. The only problem I had is, I also have a sinus headache, and it actually made that a little worse. But, if you're headache free, I'd say go for it! (:


You know what, I just feel stupid now..Because I just did ten jumping jacks in my room...For no reason..

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