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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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So, super skeptical about this. Doc said if my nasal infection/congestion didn't clear up, It would most likely turn into pneumonia!! Saw this crazy idea to do jumping jacks; and believe me I felt like hell and was in no mood to do them; rolled outta bed an did 10...., right nostril completely cleared up and my ears popped so I could actually hear again!! Did another 10, other nostril cleared up and my wicked headache turned into something super minor. I don't understand it! But I will continue to do this from now on! What a qwerky life saver! Thankyou!!


Immediate relief after 30 jumping jacks. So nice to be minus the sinusitis!


My right side was so blocked that I couldn't sleep. Since I haven't done jumping jacks in years, not only did they work, but they wore me out so I will be able to sleep well!! Thanks for the great tip!!!

Stacy Tibbals

OMG! This is totally amazing! My husband is so sick right now! We were both doubtful, but after reading the other comments, he decided he had nothing to lose. IT WORKED! He was so shocked! He's doing a few more now just to knock the rest of it out, but this is some amazing information! How is it we never knew this before?

Dayton Arce

wow. worked for my wife! skeptical as heck at first but sure beat a trip to the pharmacy at 3am. she went right to sleep after. i hope it lasts.


Omg thank you sooooo much and it really does work


Dude this crazy. This seems too simple to be true. I went ahead and did 100 and a lot better than I did pre jumping jacks!


holy crap! It worked!


It really worked. So much relief !!
Thanks for sharing the wonderful tip. It works like a charm.


OMG!!! did it, it work this is sooooo freaking awesome, my nostrils are clear yeah. thank thank you!!!!

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