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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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Too funny. It works. It didn't last very long, but I'll keep trying.

Cam's mom

I tried it too and it worked!


it sounds crazy but it 100% worked for me. i did 20 just for good measure but at 10 alone i felt so much better


Well, thought I'd give this a shot, considering I had nothing to lose. Turns out, it actually worked! Not as well as I had hoped, like some people said; only worked for about 7 seconds. That said, it DID give me a good 7 seconds to blow all that crap out of my nose, so props to you!


Absolutely works, much healthier than injecting your body with chemicals.


I havent tried it yet, but i am betting it does work. Most times I am in motion it works. Sex also helps! If its good sex, anyway! Just sayin, more fun than jumpin jacks!


OK, this is just crazy, but it really works!!!!!!! I am a nurse and I have had this congestion for about a week now so I tried this just for the heck of it and as weird as it may sound it really does work! THANK YOU!!!!!


I tried this and it did work but a few minutes later I was all stuffed up again


WOW!! I was totally stuffed up on both sides. Thought this sounded crazy, but it a try. INSTANT relief!!! THANK YOU!!


I am feeling SOOOO much better!! My left nostril was stopped up I did 30 JJ's and it worked. I am drinking plenty of water and 100% juice to help flush the impurities out of me.

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