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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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ok... that's so weird, but it actually worked.... wow! Go figure

The bich

Thanks it worked


I'm shocked! This really works! After 5 mins, things are still about 70% better than they were. This is fantastic! Clearly something is happening when you do this that stimulates blood flow or something. I would much rather get up every 30 mins or so and do a bunch of jumping-jacks. It's good for your body and overall health to increase your movement anyway, so this is really fantastic!


I laughed at first did the 10, and my nose opened up. It's closed again so I will try 20. Thanks for the info.


It really worked!!


Can't believe it! Haven't been able to breathe all day long. Tried the jumping jacks and it worked! That's crazy! I don't know how long it will last but I will just do them again! Thank you!


Wow!! Laying in bed with towel in my nose just miserable so I grabbed the iPhone found this post on congestion and figured I'd try anything. It worked very well. I'm 44 how didn't I know this? How many other things are kept from us by the powers that be. This should be common knowledge. I guess it don't help the pill pushers who pay for all the advertising on tv. Ok 10 more not a forever cure but what a relief.

Hemal shah

Thanks dear it worked for me a lot


hey it worked


I am very surprised to say, but this actually worked! Like many have already mentioned, relief is (unfortunately) very temporary. I'm on my 3rd set and it hasn't even been 30minutes... but it feels so good to breath normal for a few mins when you're done!

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