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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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um, amazing. not only did it work, it triggered a series of sneezing that cleared me up completely. maybe it's only temporary, but i'll take temporary and having to do it 5 times a day over all the pain the sinus infection and kleenex are causing.



Left nostril cleared! Right nostril still blocked.. why is it always the right one?


my daughter woke up very congested. She tried the jumping jacks and it cleared up the congestion immediately
thank you so much I will always remember this and use it myself


Are You serious!! This really DOES work!!


Weird totally works I'm huffing and puffing but through my nose( I did more than 15 but yes outta shapape) anyway very cool.


I was so congested that cough syrup, nose spray, Theraflu, Benadryl nothing worked.
It took me 70 or so jumping jacks to shake everything loose, but it worked. What a fun and simple solution. Thanks for sharing.


Fantabulously worked!!!!! I did 25 and also chewed a mint gum, both worked..
Thank you so much...


after 58 jumping jacks, one of my used-to-blocked both nasal was clear, but the other one was still stuffed. It last an hour and 7 minutes. I wouldn't mind doing more jumping jacks after that. It's much better than clogged nasal. I love you, man! Thanks so much, I will make sure to pass the good words.


My 9 year old daughter said it worked for her but didn't last long but at least relief for a little while.


It gave me relief right away. My congestion wasn't completely gone, but it was much MUCH better! Awesome trick.

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