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Never fails for me - do ten or more jumping jacks.

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After being miserably congested to the point of not being able to breathe at all through either nostril, I gave the ten jumping jacks a try - it WORKED !
Did ten more - even better !
THANK YOU and God Bless You !


Thank you soo much!! I was doubtful, but it worked! I have tried all the other remedies on here with no luck, and as soon as I started doing jumping jacks, the congestion went away! Thanks again!


thats freaking crazy IT WORKED!!! I had my doubts too like the others said...I wonder then what it is that makes it so?


maybe i just didnt do it right but it didnt work for me... :(


So I definitely did not think.this would work. However, I felt immediately relief after ten and I was almost completely blocked when I started. I continued to 60 and now I'm completely UNblocked. Now, I'm waiting to see how long it will last. Will report back. In any case, I'd rather Di jumping jacks all day than take any more meds!


WOW!!! This really works thank you so much I know I'm going to sleep good tonight <3


Tried it and one side of my nostrils cleared up the other still plugged.


Works great, for about 7.3 seconds.


Well It worked for me. Kinda coming back but undeniably way better than before. Thank you so much. Will definitly pass this kinwledge around in my lifetime.

Anonymous for about 7.35 seconds

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