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BACKGROUND: Growing up in high altitude, I have had chronic ear problems most of my life that tend to just go away on their own and come back every now and then. This most recent time, it wasn't so much of an aching, rather just a 'fogginess' for lack of a better description. It didn't hurt, but it was incredibly bothersome and if you've ever had ear problems that lasted for more than a day or two, you know it is SUPER annoying!! SO, this last time, it was going on for about 2 weeks and I've been trying everything: heat, tiger balm, hydrogen peroxide, my trusty rubbing alcohol... but alas, my ear fog remained. Ugh.
REMEDY: So, on to Home Remedy #5..6?? OIL! I've learned from reading that really any sort of olive or tree oil will work (I used sweet olive oil), but OMG, did it WORK!! YAY!

Here's what your do (best if done just before bed):
1) HEAT THE OIL TO BODY TEMPURATURE (just place the SMALL bottle under your arm/between your legs/inside your hands, whatever is warmest on your body) until it is body tempurature and no longer cool to the touch (about 10-15 minutes).
2) USE AN EAR DROPPER: just excrete enough oil for ONLY 3-4 drops into the dropper.
3) LAY ON YOUR SIDE with the aching ear upward and place dropper all the way inside the ear canal and release the oil into your ear.
4) PUT A LITTLE OIL ON YOUR FINGERS and gently massage the part of your neck directly below your ear lobe down to your lymph nodes; the back/bottom of your ear; and the bottom of the external canal in a downward motion (remain lying down). Continue the massage until you begin to taste the VERY slight flavor of the oil in your mouth (this means it's draining!!) Finally, simply continue to lay there for a good 30-45+ minutes. You can then roll onto the other side and place a cotton ball/kleenex/papertowl/towl under your ear to catch any excess oil which will drain out of your ear.
RESULTS: I did this last night and by this morning--POOF! GONE. Total miracle! My ear is about 98%, so I will likely do this one more time tonight to completely drain any blockage that has built up.
On a side note: the most important tip I've learned is that no matter what sort of fluid you are putting in your ear (peroxide, alcohol, oil, etc) first always warm it to body tempurature! It not only soothes the aching, but the cold can be somewhat harmful or shocking, which can sometimes make it worse.
That's my two cents!

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Tried this and it worked a treat.


Why would putting a few drops of oil into your ear canal help? Unless your eardrum has burst, that oil isn't getting through to the inner ear where the blockage is.


I read this post too and wasn't sure, but when I went to the store and got an ear cleaning kit, it was pure olive oil and a sprayer to wash it out afterwards. Instructions were similar on the box: place 3-4 drops in ear, lay on side for 5-10 minutes, and then use the water sprayer thing to wash it out. Works!


Hello, Your remedy sounds like it would work on someone who wasn't draining, but my ear is constantly draining, lying down or sitting up more so when lying down but draing all the same... It feels as if it is blocked or full, but drains all the time. so would your rememdy help or harm?


What kind of oil did you use? I've got grape seed oil and almond oil, but I could get some olive oil/sweet oil if the other two aren't a good idea.


Wow, never mind. I should have paid more attention. It says right there sweet oil (olive oil) but that any kind should work. Thank you. :) I think I'll try mixing the almond oil with eucalyptus, warming it slightly and then dropping it into my ear.

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