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High. Im 19 been suffering frm acne since 12. I have oily skin & break out on my cheeks forehead chin sometimes neck yu name it. Anyway tried a lot 4 my acne & I wouldve found this remedie wen I was 12 I swear so i'm given yu's this advice early:
Lime|lemon [doesn't matter]
Facewash|soap [any kind,doesnt matter]
Apple Cider Vinegar (My hero|loverĀ«3)
OK now this is wat yu do wash yur face with toothpaste & facewash|soap water massage everywhere the water should be hot @ 1st than warm.When yu are done washing your face dry & apply honey w| a bit of lemon or lime all over yur face yu can put on lips since it makes them pinker apply a little more on where yu have acne. Keep on as long as yu have time minimum 15 mins tho. Wash your face with water and facewash or soap mixed w| toothpaste and dry.Do this as much as yu can per week best if used everyday!Washing face daily is very neccasary.
Before going 2 bed wash face with toothpaste facewash or soap rinse with hot water dry face apply apple cider vinegar on acne & acne scars.Leave on over night. NEXT MORNING YOULL C RESULTS. I promise or yu can kill me haha but y wuld yu wanna kill some1 who helped yu w| acne. Send feedback ;)

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where can i get apple cider vinegar ?
and how can i make dat at home ?


Apple cider vinegar is available at grocery stores food markets like mets food store and yu jus apply it 2 a cotton ball nd directly on pimples and scars before bed time


i think home remedies are lot better than expensive products, which are given in the market


i think the remedies given above really works, they are traditional and proven. read some more at


This is really kool this is a regular routine for me so I actuallt recycled three bottles and mixed up what you said and this also saves me time other than makin it everyday


what do i use the apple cider vingegar for?

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