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I tried what this poster suggested and it really does work! My ear is not completely clear but less clogged than it was 3 minutes ago!

Submitted by bri at 2008-02-20 23:37:06
I had a bad cold (probably the flu) for the past few days, and I was able to get rid of the other symptoms. However, from blowing my nose too hard, I felt that terrible nagging buildup in my ear canals. I tried pseudoephedrine and other decongestants but could not drain my ears.

I then landed on this neat little trick - I stuck my pointer fingers in my ears; not all the way, but enough for the tips of my nails to go slightly past the curve in the outer canal. With tops of the fingers pointing up, I kept my fingers straight and used the leverage to pry that outer opening of the ear up and towards the back of my head. It feels like its pulling on other things farther in the ear, and it doesn't hurt. It only muffles the hearing. I then yawned and kept those muscles stretched for as long as I could.

Within a few seconds, I could literally feel the warm buildup draining down my canals. I repeated a few times and it has not come back. This may be unique to my ear build, but will use this from now on, it was instant!

The trick to preventing this in the first place is to not blow your nose to hard. Like other posters have said, it pushes the buildup not out your nose but up your ear canals.
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Totally worked.


Thanks a million for posting! This worked 100% and I'm so glad to have found your home remedy! Cheers!


Damn dude, perfect.


Thanks to google for finding this amongst the million other posts and thanks for the tip


I've been having a problem with ear congestion for months; talked to my doctor about it....his reply was just the allergies going on. I tried this remedy and immediately got relief from the uncomfortable clogging in my ears.

plugged for a month

Although it didn't open up my ear completely, it had some effect. It was great to feel and hear some progress. I used this manuver along with hydrogen peroxide soak. There was some progress, but the biggest thing that helped me was eucalyptus oil in steam. I inhale it deeply through my nose and then dry off. The first day using the eucalytus oil, my ear opened up after about 20 minutes, but clogged up when I layed down. The second day using eucalyptus in steam, my ear opened again after 20 minutes. I have about 80% to 90% relief right now. It feels so good to hear again. It was getting very frustrating after a month of suffering.


THANK YOU...I do have allergies & live with his condition. I always hear fuzzy in one ear. I do Dr. with a specialist. This pointer finger is amazing...quick relief!


After several days of not being able to hear I have relief! Thank you


I was here looking for some ideas to unclog some allergy congestion in one ear. Tried all kinds of things yesterday. Shocked this simple thing made a difference. Not gone yet--but gave me some relief!! thanks


Helped me too. Had a clogged ear for months.

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