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I have had RLS for years and like most people on this site, it gets worse as I get older. I have found that Iron does help slightly and I also found in Wal-Mart a medication called restful legs, but my dose has gone from 3 tablets to sometimes 5...I have also tried the sleeptime tea and husband has cancer so my moving in bed continuously is extremely bothersome to him as well. I think I will be trying the Magnesium Citrate next..Wish me luck:)

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Pat S.

You might also want to try Calcium Orotate. Take two tablets for about a week and see if it eliminates you RLS. If it does you can drop back to one a day


I use Magnisium Malate and it works for me but I take 3 tables which are 1000 mg each at night about an hour before bed. I sleep very well with this routine. I tried using stevia instead of sugar in my tea but it didn't seem to make any difference. I will try the milk products and see how it works.
Best of luck

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