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Abscessed tooth:
I had an abscessed tooth for a day or two before I actually started looking at home remedies, before this I was just popping painkillers (which didn't work) and crying.

Nurofen plus are the best pain relief I could have asked for, the ibruprofen stops most of the pain, and the codeine makes you relax.
Salt water, as much and as often as you can handle it, best antibacterial you can use.
Difflam numbing gel, or anything like this, it numbs your gums and really reduces the swelling.
Dry black teabag at night time or even during the day, for an hour or as long as you can handle.

I was in agony for days, then these four things helped me keep my sanity.
My abscess has come to a head, and can be drained with clean cotton buds. Even though I have zero pain anymore, and I'm not on any pain relief anymore, I still brush my teeth, rinse with salt water, THEN antibacterial mouthwash and then water everytime I eat, smoke, anything.
I hope this helps.
I can't stress how much the salt water helps.

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