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Wash your face with warm water. Crush up some Aspirin, mix with water until it becomes paste. Apply it on affected area or your entire face and leave overnight. I have bad acne and this has helped. IT also leaves your face nice, silky and smoothe when you wake up.

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yeah--this is called SALICYLIC ACID. You can find it over-the-counter.


yeah salicylic acid.. but aspirin gives u that grainy bits so you can scrub it off in the shower. its better than any DIY microdermabrasion i've tried (maybe even better than my precious loreal) because the aspirin gets rid of the red in ur acne too (apparently its anti-inflammatory). hence it gives u that glow like no over-the-counter SA can offer. this aspirin mask/spot treatment/scrub has been widely reviewed (positively unless ure allergic to aspirin). instead of few drops of water, i use few drops of witch hazel to mash up the aspirins (u don't need to crush them, they disintegrate upon contact with liquid), add a squirt of honey to bind them together (so the aspirin won't flake off upon drying and give you sneezing fit). and u can substitute honey with plain yoghurt, or even better, aloevera gel. js let the mask dry (20 mins or overnight, whatever).. and to wash it off, spritz ur face wif water to loosen the mask abit, and scrub baby scrub. and i promise you a glow, you'd wanna lick ur own face. have fun.

my, that was a long comment.


wow, that's an innovative method! I'll add this to my list of home remedies for acne =) Maybe I'll come back and leave a comment to tell you how well it worked!


this sounds awesome and logical do the affects wear off ofter long term use ? i am so going to try this


Alright folks, I read this a thought it was alil to good to be true, but i figured what do i really have to lose. I used it daily for 3 days and i must say that this actually works. Not only does it help get rid of acne.. it also removes freckles and scars. i did alil research on the chemical propertys on aspirin and found that it its basicaly salicylic acid which is a known acne treatment as many of us will know. The thing about this idea that is different is that when you have acne and use store treatments you will find that your skin becomes dry and ruff. This dry skin makes a barrier on your face to prevent air to get in, which is very bad, and under this barrier you are blocking your skin from breathing and therefor acne is increasing because this also blocks meds from getting into your skin. However, with this mask you are removeing that dead and dry skin letting you skin breath and it also removes the black heads and redness. So i say this is a great idea and i will continue using it very effective and cheap. My acne is almost all gone. SO DO IT. Heres what i do. 1. wash you face well with warm water to open your pours. 2 Crush a few aspirins in with aloe vera or honey. 3. gently rub into your face in a circler motion. 4. let it dry and do not touch it. 5. Damp with water after it drys and srub it off with your fingers for 2 to 3 mins and rinse off and pat dry DO NOT RUD DRY. 6. run very cold water on your face to close your pours. Thats it Best of luck.


Does this method work with disolvable aspirin? =)

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