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Headaches are a nuicance, but can be taken care of with some simple remedies:

Avoid bright lights, and loud noises or music.

Closing your eyes while slowly breathing in and out, while pinching the skin between your thumb and index (pointer) finger with your other thumb and index finger. Remember, if you dont feel a slight pain or pinch when you do it, it's not doing anything.

Another is to just simply sleep :) It usually relieves itself after a good night's sleep (or nap) unless it's really bad.

Hydrating yourself always helps.

Rub the affected area with slight pressure, constantly, for a few minutes.

Cold showers or hot baths :P

Just relax! Relax and think positive thoughts!

Massage your feet with pressure

Eat an apple. The natural sugars in it help your headache go away. This reigns true for all fruits, so you're not just limited to apples.

Tug on your earlobes. This doesn't usually help me, and leaves me with itchy earlobes afterward but with some other people it works. Maybe it'll work for you. It's worth a shot!

One of my personal favorites is making hot peppermint tea and putting some honey in it. While you're drinking, inhale the minty scent! :)

A moist hot towl around the neck, forehead or back of the head.

Gently pulling your hair at the affected area.

Items that help get rid of headaches:
Peppermint (Oil or otherwise)
Water (cold or hot)
Ice (or anything cold. Chewing ice helps or you can put something cold against the affected area)
Herbal Teas
Coffee, Soda (If you look at any meds they will most likely contain a high amount of caffiene which is something that helps headaches)
Dark Chocolate

And if all that doesn't work, you can takes some pills or go see a chiropractor, a masseuse, or a doctor! Wishing you the best of luck!

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I literally tried all of these and in 15-20 mins the instant horrible pain had vanished tyvm :)


thank you so much it really works do u know that if you have gatorade (yellow) amd than right after have iced coffe with either alot of sugar or a lot of honney it works really well thank. (if yuo only have one or if yuo do it in a different order it doesn't work.

you can also have a coke and a candy bar. sugar and cafine really helps

John Melon

Hey, It does not even work.

Dave Brent

Just try drinking ginger tea. It works a lot for many people mainly for people aged 25- 60. Another one, try drinking a lot of water and fruit juices which contain the vitamin C.


Arr u a doctor cus u just cleared my massive headache bravo bravo to u

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