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Mustard Works! DD had heartburn the worst I have seen maybe ever. She was in pain and slept in an upright position propped up. It kept coming in waves. She tried several different things that would ease it but not stop it. I got up with her and looked up home remedies. The pregnant women that get severe 2-day heartburn swore by the simplest cure: 1tsp yellow mustard. (cold) Praise God! It worked!! Took it away in about 2 minutes.

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After reading through all the remedies for heartburn, I decided without hesitation to take on the tsp of yellow mustard. before I could even close the fridge, it was GONE. Geez. Sure Wish I had read this yesterday !! Thanks


YOU ARE A COMPLETE LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!! I AM PREGNANT WITH HEARTBURN FROM HELL! Its 2am and I was in tears b/c of my heartburn! a tsp of yellow mustard and now I can actually get some sleep!!!! Cannot thankyou enough!!!!! Goodnight :)


OMG it totally works!!!!

Thank you!!!


It was 1:00 AM. My heartburn was so bad and keeping me awake. I tried the mustard and it helped!


Have had heartburn for a week, decided to try the mustard and it is AMAZING! really works

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