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Every time my daughter goes to her dad's house she gets lice, it is getting very irritating. Needless to say I've become somewhat a pro at getting rid of lice within a day. The first thing I do is get her clothes and bedding that she was wearing/ sleeping in, and wash and dry it. Then it goes into a plastic bag for a week. Vacuum the house and sanitize. She takes a shower and washes her hair with dish soap (it is powerful enough to release the glue that holds the nits) Dawn is the best, but regular dish soap works. Then she conditions so her hair is easy to comb through and I blow dry her hair for 10 minutes. Well after her hair has dried. (The extreme heat kills the lice and the babies inside the nits) by the end of the first day she has no more lice, but to be safe I repeat this process for 3 days. Works every time! Hope it helps.

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I too have the same problem right down to the cause of the lice. I have been battling lice for yrs now. I am at my breaking point honestly. I have tried every treatment known to man but this is the first time Ive seen a treatment that sounds so easy. Ill give it try and thank you for posting.


Tried it and it worked great! Thank you for sharing!

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Have any of you tried the preventative measure? Perhaps, if you know your kids are picking it up at their father's home, you contact the father and explain that your child[ren] will not be returning until their lice problem is remedied. Then you explain that after your child[ren] does return, if they come home with it again, you will contact the court to explain the situation to be sure you're justified in not allowing your child to return to their home until they have seen a professional about their problem and know that it is gone for good.


I just got lice, BUT since I decided to be smart and look up home remedies (In case the store didn't have RidX, which they didn't), I saw this remedy and tried it, What I did, I first tried with head and shoulders, which got some of them out, I Still itched, so I tried this, and I used the Dawn dish soap and then conditioner following, and only had a few left, and they were all dead. So Thank you (:


I have had a lice problem for a few months myself, I found out from a hairdresser when I went to get a haircut, she was in the middle of the cut, and thought I had dandruff, so she asked one of her colleagues what the best shampoo was for my situation, and was told it was lice, but she evened out the cut for me anyhow. I tried the Nix treatment, seemed to work fine, and the tea tree oil treatment just gave me a nasty rash, so I did a Google search for home remedies, and just tried this, except, since I don't own a hair dryer, I left the conditioner in and combed through, except it was quite messy, but while rinsing, I saw a bunch of the buggers in the tub, I will keep trying this (I did buy a box of R&C before finding this, so will have my sister do that for me, just as a preventative measure), but will post in a couple weeks to let you all know how things are here.

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