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I had this horrible toothache for the past couple of days, this is how I cured it.

Day 1 and 2...Bottom tooth was aching, I tried orajel, but it would still come back later.
night 2...I tried shaking colloidal silver in my mouth, but I still had to take a pill medication so I would fall asleep
Day 3.. I worked that day so I had to work through the pain when the orajel and aspirin would wear off.
Night 3... I tried shaking 2 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide in my mouth every half hour for four hours followed by brushing with sensodyne toothpaste. I took 2 tylenols and one aspirin. Pain was completely gone.
Day 4... slept in to help body heal self.. shook peroxide when I felt the slightlest pain at the moment but tooth feel shaky.. will try tumeric and black pepper crushed and place it around my tooth to strenghten it.

Thank god the pain stopped.

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Anna Denniston

My tooth pain reliever that I made! This should be put in stores for tooth pain...

1.) Gargle with Warm Salt Water.

2.) Mix theses Ingredients together in a small bowl.

a. Vanilla Extract
b. Baking Soda
c. Ora jell -Server Tooth Formula
d. Crushed up Advil or Aspirin

3.) make a thick past and put it to the hurt tooth or the exposed nerves or gums in your mouth and it will numb it up right away!!!

I did this at 5:30Am today and i am STILL Numb at 9:40Am Its a Miracle!!!
Just put the left over mix in your refrigerator so you can apply more when needed.

I just thought I would share this info with you guys. because if anyone is in as much pain as I was last night. I feel for you and I would never wish that type of pain on my worst enemy! I was a Grown woman in TEARS last night pacing my house all night long!

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