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This is a great home remedy to keep your hair health...

1) break a medium size egg to a bowl..

2) put some olive oil or king coconut oil ( king coconut iss better if u can find )

3) mix it well..

4) Then apply it on your hair (whole hair including scalp and tip end..

5) then stay for 30 mins.. Wash with fregnance shampoo,. If u feel like still there's a smell put some shampoo again and wash twice.. Then apply some fragrance collogne.. ( not too much since it's not that much good )

6) do like this atleast once a week :)

This remedy made my hair healthy, shiney, longer... I GURANTEE U :) enjoy :)

Plz vote n comment if u found this helpful :)

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tht worked lovely on my hair Awesome..looks better too..thanks for the tip


How much does it grow and in what length of time?:) x


i try this it didnt work for me


Thanx 4 ths tip., my hair felt great after just 1 application


wht type of hair can u use this on..african american hair


Hi. Thanx 4 the tip. Does it help with split ends n bushy hair??

Aayushi Sinha

hey... i know this tip when i was just 8... but it really works.. hair become healthier and shiny but it smells a lot yak!!! now my age is just 16 years suggest me some tips for my age actually my hair falls a lot...


How long did it take for your hair to grow?


So happy!!!!!!! I finely found a good treatment for me!!!


Oh my goodness! I love this so much! My hair is instantly softer! This is like magic!

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