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I saw this remedy on a website tried it and saw it worked pretty well so thought I'd share it Pinch your nose and walk fast with your blocked nose pinched and your mouth closed all the time. (You need to accumulate CO2 to dilate arteries and arterioles). You will probably be able to make around 20-30 steps. While walking, you should hold your breath until a strong urge to breathe. Then sit down with your spine totally straight and focus on your breath. After you release your nose, you need to keep the mouth closed (no gasping for air) and start reduced breathing (breathing little bit less than before this exercise). How? Instead of taking a big (or deep) inhalation take a smaller one, but using the diaphragm only, and then relax all muscles for exhalation, especially the upper chest and all other respiratory muscles. Make another shorter inhalation and again relax. With each inhalation, practice this reduced breathing while remaining relaxed.

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no one

THis is amazing i love i could not breath with my nose before but now i can thx so much it,s not gone completly but it is amazing thank you soooooooo much been working for 2 hours now !!!! never could have done it without you !!


Awsome !! But it clogs up again :(


it was a miracle!!! thank you very much :-) i never breathe so well like this before <3


It was a relief my nose had been clogged 24 hrs..tried everything but nothing works not even one nostril give way..tried this and it works..lasted for a few minutes only though but I will definitely keep on doing it...thanks much


Holy crap! this actually worked! Thanks for sharing!!


I can't believe how well this works - instant relief and feeling so much better than I have for days. Thanks!


Hi folks
this works as other poster said by increasing concentration of CO2 in the lungs. CO2 is the natural bronchodilater which is the natural version of the artificial chemical in a 'blue' ventolin asthma spray. Many/most people hyperventilate 'cos they breathe through their mouths, exhaling excess CO2, NO it is not 'the waste product of breathing' more claptrap that we've been fed by the medicos !, STOP IT, breathe through your nose for healthier lungs. Research Buteyko (Russian Professor) for much more on breathing exercises, they really do work.

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