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This is a great SRI LANKAN home remedy for IRREGULAR PERIOD and for PERIOD PAIN.. This work very well for me .. These are the few steps,

( remember u have to do this before u start your periods , just imagine u have your period on 26, start this steps from 22 , )

1) At night, take a glass and some coriander seeds

2) Put 5 tablespoons of CORIANDER SEEDS to a glass and the fill pure water to the glass,

3) Then Cover it fully from a saucer ,

4) Leave it over night,

5) then remove coriander seeds and then drink the water in the morning when u get up before the bed tea,

6) Do like this until your periods over, then again continue these steps when your periods dates are near :)

I GUARANTEE u. Thid will make your period regular and No pain for sure :) Enjoy your periods :) XD

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not getting periods from 2years please any body help me to get out from this problem.


i am trying it didn't help...


no for mee i have even forgot the date ..if i try wiill it help out..hope it to ..


iam swath..
recently i got married i want to plan for cildren after 2 years...
but i dnt get periods regularly ,for every 6 months i get periods....pleasse help me...i want to give birth to my mom...please help me


it didnt help just made my stomach hurt no period ur advance did nothing for me


this works for shure for age 0f 20


it works for me everytime.. thanks


I have pco i have no periods for 3-4 months is this works for me

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