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This is a 100% working home remedy.. Just try out... After 2 weeks no dark circles under eye for sure.. I guarantee..

1) Always make tea from tea bags, but don't throw the teabag...

2) then close your eyes and keep the tea bag on your eyes

3) And stay for 20 mins ( try listening to a song. So u won't get bored...

4) do like this twice a day for 2 weeks..

5) No More Dark Circles.. YAY..!!!!!!

I guarantee u this is a 100% working home remedy :)

*if its work for u plz vote n comment wit ur experience :) tnx.. Also let me know if this doesn't work .. ( coz it's unbelievable ) :)

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According to Dr. Oz 'caffeine can temporarily help with under-eye puffiness by reducing water retention to give the area a smoother appearance. They can also help with dark circles as they constrict blood vessels, but they only affect the skin’s top layer. If your dark circles are more than skin deep, they probably won’t disappear all together, but they may fade enough over time.' I am going to start this tea bag regimin tonight and will post my results in 2 weeks.

simran joshi

can it be green tea bag


hey disha,u hv realy sent an awesum msg.I realy got benefit thru it.Though it may sound foolish,bt yet it wud b better if its expressed.I want u to mail to me.My id is i wud hope for a +ve response from ur end.U hd helpd me superbly.Its just an humble approach 2 kp in touch.Hope u dnt tk it otherwise.
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can i use a green tea bag to


Okay, i heard that there is no cure for dark circles at all so I'm wondering if this method will improve the appearance of eyes permanently or temporary for you?


m 16 n got dix freakiin dark circles...surelii gonna tryy dix...if it works il b so greatful to yu :)


Does it matter if the tea bags are used or no used?


Im only 14 and i have dark circles so embarasing!!!!!! i can't try this in the morning cause i'll get late 4 skwl so can i do it twicw at bout 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock? plez reply asap, im in great need :D


plz tell me some special teabags??? Mail me at


what is meaning of teabag? plz write the method of teabag and mail at

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