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This is a 100% working home remedy.. Just try out... After 2 weeks no dark circles under eye for sure.. I guarantee..

1) Always make tea from tea bags, but don't throw the teabag...

2) then close your eyes and keep the tea bag on your eyes

3) And stay for 20 mins ( try listening to a song. So u won't get bored...

4) do like this twice a day for 2 weeks..

5) No More Dark Circles.. YAY..!!!!!!

I guarantee u this is a 100% working home remedy :)

*if its work for u plz vote n comment wit ur experience :) tnx.. Also let me know if this doesn't work .. ( coz it's unbelievable ) :)

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if u put the tea bags on ur face wet, won't it stain ur face?


my mom has puffiness under her eyes followed by horrible dark circles.. can this remedy solev this problem as well??


do we rele need to use it with the tea bag?


can i place them in Frezer/refrigratOr 1st? or Iv to use it dirctalli? nd can I put thm in cold rose water before usin ?


For info of those who dont know what tea bags are: these are small bags which hold tea leaves in it, usually u wuld get these from big department stores u can purchase either of taj mahal or lipton or any other. I have started using this remedy since 15 days, as i use it only once a day so i m contuining for more 15 days. I feel a considerable difference than previous condition. Use it with a +ve attitude and u would surely find a difference.
BTW thanz to Dizi 4 suggestion

zoriana zefona

iam 18yrz and i qot horrible dark circle and its a nightmare 4 mee
if this work i will owe u bigggggggggg tiiimmmeeeeee!!!!!!!! i will start this method 4rm 2day %[


please tell me how to remove eye dark circle...i'm very upset ...plz mail'll b vry thankful 4 u...


This does work, I've tried it before. I didnt do it for a two week stint but only for a few days and noticed an improvement.It's the tannin in the tea bags not the caffeine; so no, putting instant coffee on your face definitely won't work!


i love my eye's..shame too all thoses people who have black ones! :P HAHHHHAHAAA!


what kind of tea it need to be?

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