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This is a 100% working home remedy.. Just try out... After 2 weeks no dark circles under eye for sure.. I guarantee..

1) Always make tea from tea bags, but don't throw the teabag...

2) then close your eyes and keep the tea bag on your eyes

3) And stay for 20 mins ( try listening to a song. So u won't get bored...

4) do like this twice a day for 2 weeks..

5) No More Dark Circles.. YAY..!!!!!!

I guarantee u this is a 100% working home remedy :)

*if its work for u plz vote n comment wit ur experience :) tnx.. Also let me know if this doesn't work .. ( coz it's unbelievable ) :)

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Do I go to once a day after the two weeks? I can't wait to try!!!


Which tea bags all or some special tea bags


Which tea bags all or some special tea bags? Mail me at


i'll try...this but is it okay with tea of senna leaves?
coz im taking tea with that....not the green tea


Does it matter what kind of tea? I have green tea around. Will that work?


im starting tonight thanx


If it is the caffeine that helps make the dark circles go away it is hard to believe I have used instant coffee tea bags on my eyes and to no avail I have dark circles still.


how many times a day do i do this ? what time of the day is the best time ?


So do I use black tea or green tea?


can i use green tea bags for this??

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