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This is a 100% working home remedy.. Just try out... After 2 weeks no dark circles under eye for sure.. I guarantee..

1) Always make tea from tea bags, but don't throw the teabag...

2) then close your eyes and keep the tea bag on your eyes

3) And stay for 20 mins ( try listening to a song. So u won't get bored...

4) do like this twice a day for 2 weeks..

5) No More Dark Circles.. YAY..!!!!!!

I guarantee u this is a 100% working home remedy :)

*if its work for u plz vote n comment wit ur experience :) tnx.. Also let me know if this doesn't work .. ( coz it's unbelievable ) :)

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It needs to be black tea, it's the caffeine in the tea that helps.


cold or hot right after making the tea?


does it matter what kind of tea and does the tea bag have to be warm or cold?


I use this remedy, very effective. It doesn't matter whether the tea bags are warm or room temp. just let them cool after boiling, of course.


This tea bag remedy helps with a lot more than under eye circles. My boyfriend's eye got infected once and my mom told me about the tea bag remedy. So I boiled just a regular old Lipton tea bag for him, rung it out a little and he put it on his eye and fell asleep like that. At it's worst his eye was so swollen he couldn't see out of it. After one tea bag a day for about a week, his eye was completely back to normal. I was told that the vaccine helps circulate blood flow, I believe the leaves and such draw out any infections or pretty much anything that shouldn't be in your eye, I don't remember what the antioxidants do but I think it's the same concept as vitamin c and what not.


Caffeine, not vaccine lol sorry


The caffeine does not help blood flow, it constricts the blood vessels, thus aiding dark eye circles.


Caffeine constricts the blood flow thus preventing dark circles. Dark circles is really just the blood in the tiny vessels under your eyes. If you have thin skin under your eyes this pigment is more visible. Caffeine reduces the blood flow and thus reduces the appearance of a dark area.


What kind of tea it needs to be?

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