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Magic Pigeon

Well this is the first time using remedy's off the Internet, and was not sure if to try them or not but with the amount of pain I was feeling the amount of sleep I was losing I had no choice in try them out only because it was Christmas time so could not see my dentist, so first I tryed the normal way to get rid of my toothache which was to find the most powerfulest painkiller in my cupboard and start taking them but after a couple of hours later
the pain was back and had taken more than recormended amount in the allowed in that day so had to try other methods so the first one was to brush my teeth I used warm water( I recormended you use warm water because cold water hurt like hell) and a small amount of tooth paste it gave me some relef but did not stop it, so I tryed salt water it helped more but could still feel the pain so I repeated these methods I couple of times it still did not get rid of the pain but it was able to help me get sum sleep untill I could see my dentist, in the end he got rid of the thooth all together and within seconds all the pain I was feeling was gone it was heaven so if you are having bad tooth ache I would recormend that you see your dentist or pull out your own tooth

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