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my son went six months with an ear infection, he was on every antibiotic out there, which never cured his infection. I fianlly pulled him off the antibiotics and gave him raw honey, probiotics, and silver water, then waaalaaa his infection was gone in two days!

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thank you, it helped my mom allot.


Do you jut drink this or apply it to the ear? Also how often do you take? Im in serious help!


Where do you buy the items and for how long do you take/use the remedy?


^^ im not the one who posted this, but ive been trying it. I havent really noticed a change yet, but i am still using it because i have faith in Silver water. Since i dont know how this is supposed to be taken, i ONLY put two drops of silver water in my ear for 5 mins and let it out. And i also drink a tiny bit of the silver water along with the honey and probiotic.

I bought all of the products at a market call, Sprouts.

Hope that helps. I need answers from the person who posted this too!


I appreciate the post. I have been using the rubbing alcohol. At first I thought it was doing the trick, but now I'm not so sure, so will be giving this a try. I have read lots of good things about the silver water. I'll have to do some research on where to get it though. We don't have sprouts in upstate New York ;(


just wondering if the silver water helped you? i found a website but i can't post the exact link's utopiasilver(dot)com (back slash) testimonials (back slash)earache (yes that is how it is spelled in the link) thought it might be helpful to answer some of your questions.


Steph here with updates on this-

So it helped me!!!
Though mine went away in 3/4 days. I kept drinking the probiotic, raw honey, and silver water. I would also put 2 to 3 drops of silver water in my ear 3 times a day.

But i must say that yeaterday (saturday) i decided to try a visit to a chiropractic (because i heard it helps with ear infections) and in maybe less than an hour i felt my ear popping. Im sure it was a combination of the silver water and visiting the chiropactic. I totally recommend these two!!!

Prior to trying any of those two things, i had wasted about $300 on visiting my doctor And them not being able to help me. One of them gave me a referral to an Otolaryngolist, which i was supposed to see on tuesday, but i dont need to anymore because it is all gone!!! And good thing because the visit to the Otolaryngolist is about $200 just for the consultation (this is all without insurance, of course). I wish i could've known about the silverwater and chiropractor before wasting so much money. The chiropractor cost me only $50 so i surely regret not seeking them before.

Give the silver water a try and stick to it! Try a chiropractor also!

Best of luck to everyone! And thank you to the peraon who originally posted this. I am forever thankful!


Oh I forgot to update this again.

so a few days after I post my last update, my ear got really plugged again so I knew I HAD to see the Otolaryngologist. I was afraid it would be something else, since my family has cancer history. I found an Oto near my area so I went and they had special tools to wash your ear, which at that very moment, I was truly regretting letting the regular doctors 'flush' my ear.

Anyway, Oto told me I had a really bad ear infection with fungus inside (eew), which could have been caused by the other regular doctors when they would wash my ear so instead of helping my ear, they would make it worse. She washed my ear and dried it too AND as soon as she did that my ear felt better! Way better than how it felt after the regular doctors had washed it. She said to wash my ear with half water (warm or else it will make you dizzy) and half white vinegar and to use a baby nose/ear pump for the vinegar and water. She said she would see me again in a week to check on it. I went back in a week and the infection was GONE!!! Its been 2 weeks since my visit and I do not feel or have anything anymore!!!

The visit there wasn't even expensive after I searched around. It was only $75 and I don't even have insurance. Totally worth it to me! Now, I recommend this for sure. Seek the help of people that know what they are doing! After all, they are specialist for ears, throat, and mouth so they know what they are doing. I will never ever again visit a regular doctor for an ear infection again. It would just be pointless in my opinion.

If you try the water and vinegar, I would recommend to just visit the Oto first because your ear must be really clean, otherwise the water and vinegar wont have any effect if you still have all that junk in there.


I found this advice to be surprising. Although possibly a good cure for adults it is a bad idea to give infants raw honey if under the age of 1 year old (some say 2 years now), because it could cause infant botulism, a rare, but serious food poisoning; any doctor (or website) will tell you the same thing. Also, siver water is onlyl for once in a while. I had found a site that stated, 'There’s no proof that taking silver water by mouth has any benefits. As for harm, brain and nerve damage from silver exposure is rare, but silver can cause kidney damage, stomach distress, and headaches.

The most common problem associated with silver exposure is argyria: The skin turns a bluish gray as granules of silver accumulate in the body. The conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the eyes) and internal organs may also be affected. Once silver is deposited, there’s no way to get it out, so the discoloration may be permanent.'
I wouldn't suggest using this on a child and definitely not an infant.


Good for you going natural! I recmomend watching the How to get rid of acne scars video and Baking soda for acne and acne scars videos that I made, they will help you out a lot and also recmomend a few herbs that you can use topically to heal your skin! Those should help!

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