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I have been on Sulfamethoxazole 800mg for an advanced UTI for the last 7 days, and yesterday I thought it was finally getting better until about 5:00, when my right kidney started hurting and my UTI came back full on. I was really worried because in 2004, I had no symptoms of a UTI and within four hours, I went from feeling a slight lower back pain to 100% dehydrated from vomiting with a 104.5 fever and in the hospital on IVs for 4 days. So last night, I looked through this site for some easy home options to supplement my prescription, and while my UTI is still present in symptoms, my kidney no longer hurts. Here's what I did:

At the first kidney pain, I forced myself to down 3 big glasses of water. Then, I chugged an entire glass of 100% cranberry juice (no sweeteners, not from concentrate), and kept sipping on that throughout the night. Meanwhile, I chugged a big glass of water with 1/2 TSP of baking soda mixed in, and started taking cranberry tablets. THEN, I drank a large mug of hot water with two lemons squeezed in and a bit of honey for flavor. I'm repeating all of these things this morning and will do so as long as it takes. All of these are things I found on this forum, so thank you!

I hope that my symptoms keep getting better and that they help you too! Nothing worse than a UTI and kidney infection at Christmas!

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